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Behold, the Berlin Wall:

I don’t believe that human intelligence is an item that is to be measured – ¬†an attempt to give it human measurement would perhaps be an injustice to the enigma that is the astronomy of the mind – nor do I believe, amongst average human beings, is there are any actual differences between our intellectual capacities. Certain exceptions are to be found in geniuses and clinical retards; but they are the results of birth abnormalities, from the perspective that their mental functionalities are either exceptionally powerful, or substantially deprived, to an extremity that natural order could not have intended.

I believe all human individuals can be correctly regarded as being humanly intelligent. There is no disparity between one or the other; nobody can rightfully be proclaimed as of remarkable intelligence, whilst the other is degraded as a half-witted fool. Indeed, the whole perception of a fool must necessarily arise from one bearing witness to an action of questionable wisdom, although truly, all human wisdom is well-founded.

An infinity of nodes are necessarily constituent to the constitution and fortitude of human intelligence; each node representing a region of heightened proficiency.

It is important to acknowledge the complexity of human beings; the calculative procedures, whether automatic or deliberately sought, that are necessarily constituent to the formulation of an idea; the prudence behind a decision, no matter how apparently foolish, in the sense that every human action can be logically justified, if only a psychological dissection was to occur. I despair that foolery is so often considered to be pervasive throughout human society.

Language is inefficient in successfully communicating the more elaborate processes of a mind, and there is a discreditable human inclination towards a presumptuous attitude of thought whenever the inexplicable is to be witnessed or observed. This is perhaps what is primarily involved in the misconception that there is indeed a plight of idiocy that plagues the reality of human existence. A movement may perhaps appear foolish or helplessly misjudged from one point of observation, but from the perspective of the alleged fool, some algorithm of thinking must have occurred to substantiate upon the, “Go ahead,” that ultimately provided self-approval to his action.

Back to the measurement of intelligence: I do not believe it can be successfully conducted. Typical human beings are all gifted with a typical human intellect; their intellects, however, are invested into variable regions of specialisation. An individual who is weak in mathematics or academic studies in general is not necessarily stupid or mentally destitute when you perhaps consider his outstanding proficiency in sport or artistic innovation.

Conclusively, my thoughts on intelligence are that different human beings are typically of similar intellectual capacity; this capacity is simply divided into areas of heightened capability that vary between alternative individuals. This ultimately leads to a social misinterpretation of, “Intelligence,” as something that is represented through one’s performance in an IQ test – that dreadful intermediary device that acts upon this entire deception of varying ability – or in an academic pursuit.

If you’re reading this blog right now, then in all faithful probability, you are equally intelligent to I; I can only imagine the areas in which your performance might so be overwhelmingly transcendent of mine. Human beings are defined by their qualities; characterised by their intellectual proficiencies; but, from my perspective, it is never agreeable to judge them by a presumably heightened or disconsolate mental constitution, because the constitution of every mind is equally capable – the capability is merely divided throughout varying regions of performance.


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When we get back, I’ll drop a line~

It was never my decision to decorate this blog with more elementary matters of mere trivial consequence; not even when creativity is rendered as sterile as it is at present. So I’m never going to post something that implies a direct relationship towards the condition of my life, because it’s inexpressibly boring to have to both read and write such autobiographical affairs.

There is an ice fairy here, somewhere

There is a certain variety of freedom that transcends the grasp of more ordinary individuals; individuals whose proceedings are governed by scheduled affairs and whose movements are confined within the principles of routine; oppressive routine. Oppressive routine that enforces a consistency of repetitive motion that stales the mind and enforces an unshakable sterility upon creativity, numbing the individual urge to be vocally expressive.

But that’s probably not what I wholeheartedly acknowledge; a multiplicity of personalities are constituent towards human thought. Every purported, “Individual,” human being is indeed a nation within one; a series of opinions adherent to a single government that is more of an output of the infinity of wisdom that characterises human judgment than is a tyrannical association that aims to organise and herd and ultimately constrict. Wholehearted internal agreement is rare, and there is often conflict between the various interpretative entities of the human mind, and thus we turn towards bibliographies and social influence to assist the haste in which we determine our conclusions and thus relieve ourselves of the stresses that emerge from tumultuous internal thoughts.

I have an intimacy for rain

I imagine this to be the most peculiar of the posts that I’ve contrived to publish so far, but this was just an attempt at generating material, no matter how fragmented and perceptibly disorganised it might be. It was a recommendation suggested to me by the omniscience of Google, and I’m not sure whether to interpret its productiveness as successful or destructive.

So, I’ll at the very least be aiming for one post per week. We could be witnessed history in Egypt and we could by witnessing history’s proliferation throughout the middle eastern and Arabian regions of Earth. Until then, the superfluity of living must persist.

Capricious judgment led me to the uploading of a variety of pictures for the purposes visual entertainment. I personally hope this was entertaining!

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